More of the same for the holiday weekend

Good Friday to one and all. Our Memorial Day weekend is kicking off with some steam and scattered storms. Sound familiar? It’s where we have been for the past few days, and it’s where we are going for the rest of the month.

Any storm out there Friday will be able to feast upon the warm and juicy air, to create some heavy rain producing showers and storms. A few spots could pick up enough to cause some high-water problems.

You can track the day:

This steamy and stormy setup takes us into the first few days of June. Then some changes start to take place. It’s looking as if another cool pattern tries to settle in:


The models are also keeping much of the country very wet over the next few weeks:


Have a great Friday and take care.

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Memorial Day weekend forecast

Good Thursday to one and all. We have a nice summer preview moving into our part of the world, and that will hang on into the big Memorial Day weekend. If you’re a fan of steamy temps and scattered storms, this is the pattern for you.

Let’s start with the weather out there Thursday.

Highs will range from the low to middle 80s in many areas. A mix of hazy sun and clouds will be likely as scattered showers and thunderstorms develop. Any storm that comes along will be able to put down a lot of rain.

Here are your Thursday tracking tools:

Friday looks similar, but highs could climb a few more degrees. They should hit the mid- and upper 80s in some spots.

There is very little change for the big weekend ahead. Here’s the forecast:


The overall setup over the next few weeks will continue to throw some clusters of storms our way.

The GFS two week rainfall numbers…

GFS Rain

Make it a great Thursday and take care.

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Tracking storms back into the region

Good Wednesday, everyone. Summer air is pushing into Central and Eastern Kentucky, and is bringing some storms along for the ride. This steamy and stormy pattern will carry us through the Memorial Day weekend.

Temps out there Wednesday might be all over the place, with the sun and storms doing a little battle. Areas getting in on the storms might see highs in the upper 70s to around 80. Outside of any storms, highs shoot up into the middle 80s.

Track summer into the region:

Daytime highs through Memorial Day will range from the low to upper 80s. It all depends on what happens with the daily threat of showers and storms where you live. That storm chance is real over the weekend:


This will be a very muggy period that takes on a tropical feel. Speaking of which, that system we pointed out a few days ago is showing up well off the southeastern seaboard. The GFS from above takes whatever it is into the Carolinas.

Enjoy your Wednesday and take care.

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Steam and some storms ahead

Good Tuesday to one and all. What a gorgeous day we have going on out there. Highs in the low 80s under a partly sunny sky. As we inch closer to the Memorial Day weekend, steamy temps and scattered storms take center stage.

Let’s start with Tuesday’s dose of awesomeness:

Humidity will increase with the threat of some showers and storms Wednesday:


A few of those could be strong or severe, especially in the west.

The forecast from this point is pretty straightforward, with toasty temps, high humidity and the threat of some showers and storms. Any one day over the holiday weekend can have highs flirt with 90 degrees:

GFS Temps

A few weeks ago, I made the declaration that I thought the pattern could give us a 90-degree day in the days leading up to Memorial Day. That was a pretty bold call given how cool and wet things were. But, when did I ever shy away from being bold? Weather forecasting isn’t for wimps! :)

The one thing that can keep us from flirting with 90: thunderstorms. It does look like a daily threat of some thunderstorms will be with us:


With such incredible humidity levels for the month of May, any storm could be severe and put down flash-flooding rains.

Enjoy your day and take care.

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Summer air moves in

Good Monday to one and all. We are finally seeing much better weather rolling into the region. As a matter of fact, it continues to look more and more as if summer is ready to kick in a little early this year.

Highs Monday will range from 75 to 80 in most areas under a mostly sunny sky. This is absolutely gorgeous and will run through Tuesday, with highs hitting the lower 80s.

This is when we start to see summer weather really moving in. High humidity moves in Wednesday and could help spawn some big thunderstorms:


The pattern setting up for the second half of next week through Memorial Day looks steamy and stormy:


Borderline high temperatures could give us our first taste of 90-degrees at some point:

GFS Temps

Rounds of showers and thunderstorms will be common during this time. With such high humidity, this is a setup for some severe storms that can dump a ton of rain.

This pattern sure sounds like a stormy and steamy start to summer in the Bluegrass State.

Make it a great day and take care.

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Summer shows up this week

Good Sunday, everyone. We have MUCH better weather slowly  rolling our way for the week ahead. Our much colder than normal temperatures will soon turn steamy in the days ahead. With the surge in summer comes the potential for more… Storms. Sigh.

There is a small chance for a shower across the eastern half of the region today, but most areas stay dry with highs in the low 70s.

Monday’s weather looks much better with sun and 75-80 for most areas. We should see temps sneaking into the low 80s for Tuesday as humidity levels increase. This will lead to rounds of thunderstorms rolling back in for Wednesday:


This will unleash a very tropical feeling environment across the region. Humidity levels take off for the second half of the week and this carries us through Memorial Day Weekend. Check out the dewpoints…


Forecast temps continue to make a run at 90 degrees…


Guess what comes along with the heat and humidity? Rounds of showers and storms…


With so much heat and humidity available, this could finally set the severe weather season off. It could also mean some additional big rain events cause problems in our neck of the woods.

Make it a great day and take care.

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Another damp day for many

Good Saturday, folks. Heavy rain blasted the region on Friday, and additional rounds of showers will be with us today. While this won’t be as heavy or widespread, make sure to have the umbrellas with you as you head out.

Highs today will generally hit the 60s with a mix of sun and clouds and scattered showers. Winds will also be very gusty.

Track the day away:

I can’t rule out a lingering shower in the east on Sunday, but the weather looks much better with some sun and temps hitting the lower 70s.

Monday and Tuesday look really good with ample sunshine and highs reaching the low 80s both days.

From there, things turn even warmer and more humid, and thunderstorms jump back into the mix:


The long range call is still for temps to really climb late next week into Memorial Day Weekend. Can we get a 90? It’s possible…


Scattered showers and thunderstorms will also be likely during this time.

Make it a great day and take care.

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Friday rain tracker

Good Friday, folks. We have rain rolling back into the region today and it could be heavy at times for some areas. The rain chances hang into the first part of the weekend, but much better weather is on the way after it leaves.

Highs today will only be in the 60s with showers and some rumbles of thunder moving in. The heaviest rains will be with us as we head into the afternoon and evening, especially across the eastern half of the state.

I have your Friday tracking toys:

Scattered showers and gusty winds will last into Saturday with highs mainly in the 60s. It’s NOT going to rain all the time, and we may even see a few rays of sunshine from time to time.

Sunday looks much better with temps in the 70s.

Highs will reach the 80s into early next week:


The threat for thunderstorms will move back in by Wednesday:


The long range look into Memorial Day weekend is for very warm and muggy weather with the threat for a few storms.

Enjoy your Friday and take care.

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Tracking the return of the rain

Good Thursday to one and all. We finally have some nice weather breaking out across Central and Eastern Kentucky. You definitely need to make plans to get out and enjoy it, because more rain is on the way to start the weekend.

Highs today will range from 70 to 75 in many areas, with mostly sunny skies. This is basically perfection.

Rains return Friday as low pressure works our way from the Deep South. Some rumbles of thunder will be possible through Friday night. Heavy rainfall of an inch or two will be possible through Saturday:


The showers become less concentrated late Saturday and should taper off by Sunday. Eastern Kentucky could see a shower, but much of Sunday looks dry. Highs should hit the 70s.

Warmer air surges in early next week, with highs hitting the 80s:


Some thunderstorms jump back into the mix by the middle of the week.

The Memorial Day weekend has a chance to turn toasty across much of our region:


Have a fantastic Thursday and take care.

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A small break in the rain

Good Wednesday, everyone. To say this month has been ugly would be a serious understatement. Rain and below-normal temperatures have combined to make this a memorable May for all the wrong reasons. That’s why you really need to take advantage of the nice break coming late Wednesday and Thursday.

Our day starts with chilly showers and ends with a mix of sun and clouds. Highs by the end of the day will range from the mid- to upper 60s in many areas.

Thursday looks awesome, with a mix of sun and clouds, and highs in the low and middle 70s. Soak it up!

Heavy rain and storms roll back in Friday:


Leftover rains carry us into early Saturday, before the action becomes much more scattered late in the day.

There is also a small chance of a shower or two Sunday, with recovering temps.

The long-range call for next week is for temps to finally take off. This pattern can throw highs of 85 to 90 degrees our way before Memorial Day:


Even with the warmer weather, the threat of scattered thunderstorms will be with us.

Make it a great day and take care.

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