A crisp fall weekend

Good Saturday and welcome to the weekend. It’s one amazing fall weekend taking shape across Central and Eastern Kentucky, complete with gorgeous skies and chilly air. Those lower temps are a sign of things to come, with additional cold fronts showing up.

Skies become mostly sunny Saturday, with highs in the middle 60s in many areas. With clear skies and slackening winds, overnight lows will take a tumble. Lows in the upper 30s will be possible in some areas by Sunday morning:

GFS TEMPS 1Highs Sunday will be in the upper 60s to near 70. As I said, this is one gorgeous weekend!

Another cold front arrives late in the day Monday. Winds will gust as scattered showers roll in from the northwest:

EuroThe air coming in behind that front will be similar to what we have out there Saturday.

A more potent shot of chill looks to show up late next week and the following weekend. The setup on the European Model almost has a winter look to it:

Euro 2That kind of air could give us our first threat of widespread frost! Overall, the pattern taking shape over the next few weeks looks to feature some shots of cold air to our region.

Make it a great Saturday and take care.

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Showers bring cooler air

Good Friday, folks. The cold front I’ve been yapping about all week is finally pushing across the Bluegrass State. This is bringing a few gusty showers our way and will cause our temps to drop as the weekend starts.

Scattered showers and rumbles of thunder develop and roll across the state Friday. The most likely chance of rain is across Central and Eastern Kentucky. It is not going to rain all day or evening.



Hamburg Area from WKYT Studio

I-75 MP 127
I75 NB @ MP 127

US 60 @ US 460
US60 @ US460

Rain will quickly taper from northwest to southeast Friday evening as cooler and drier winds blow. Temps will drop into the upper 50s for the second half of high school football action.

Saturday might start with a shower in the southeast, but it looks like a gorgeous day. It will start with lows in the upper 40s,  and highs will be in the low and middle 60s. Winds will be a little gusty, but nothing we can’t handle. Temps by Sunday morning will drop to near 40 in some areas.

Lows in the upper 30s will be possible in the colder valleys:

GFS TEMPS 1– Sunday is another awesome day, with highs of 70 to 75 west and upper 60s to near 70 east.

– Another cold front moves in late Monday and Monday night with a band of showers:

EuroMuch cooler air will move in behind that front for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Make it a great day and take care.

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Changes on the way to start the weekend

Good Thursday, everyone. Nice weather rolls on for one more day, and then some changes move into the Bluegrass State to kick off the weekend. Our recent trend for rainy Fridays looks to continue for another week.

Highs Thursday will hit the upper 70s to low 80s on a gusty wind from the southwest. You will notice a few clouds increasing as the day wears on.

Scattered showers and storms will increase from west to east on Friday. A weak wave of low pressure looks to develop along that boundary and will keep some showers going into Saturday morning in the east and southeast. Gusty winds will blow chillier air into town, with highs by Saturday only in the 60s.

Sunday morning could be quite chilly across Central and Eastern Kentucky. Some of the valleys could even drop toward the high 30s if skies are clear:

GFS TEMPS 1Highs in the upper 60s to low 70s will be noted on Sunday as skies stay partly to mostly sunny. That looks like a great day to check out some of the fall festivals!

Another cold front shows up late Monday and Monday night. That front could spark another round of scattered showers:

EuroAfter a spike into the 70s on Monday, those numbers come back down to the 60s behind that front into the middle of the week.

Another front is likely to show up by the end of the week and the start of next weekend. This is the period I’ve been saying to watch for a notable cold shot to come our way. That shows up well on the European Model:

Euro 4That might unleash the coldest air of the young fall season. Maybe our first frost threat? That’s something to watch for as we get closer.

Make it a great Thursday and take care.

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A cold front is on the way

Good Wednesday, folks. We continue to bask in the gorgeous fall weather that has engulfed our part of the world. All of that changes as we head into Friday, as a cold front presses in from the northwest.

Highs Wednesday will again be in the mid- and upper 70s, with a mix of sun and clouds. If you like this weather, you’re going to love what’s have in store for Thursday. Highs again will be in the upper 70s, with increasing winds.

That increase in winds is ahead of a cold front that approaches Friday with showers and thunderstorms picking up. The European Model keeps the rains going Saturday morning:

EuroTemps will come way down and stay in the low and middle 60s on Saturday. Winds will be a little gusty during that time.

That would produce some rain across our region, if that comes to pass:

Euro 2Better weather should return as we roll our way into Sunday and Monday. Highs will rebound into into the upper 60s and low 70s.

Have a great day and take care.

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Nice weather rolls on

Good Tuesday, folks. We are in the middle of one gorgeous stretch of fall weather in Central and Eastern Kentucky. Some of the colors are starting to show, so it’s a perfect time to get out and do some leaf peeping.

This nice weather will continue through Thursday as highs reach the mid- and upper 70s each day. Overnight lows drop into the low 50s each night as our skies stay dry.

A cold front arrives Friday, with showers and gusty winds on the increase:


Highs will drop into the 60s on Friday and will stay there Saturday as dry weather returns. Lows by Sunday morning could really drop:

GFS Temps

Temps should recover early next week, but another shot of chill looks to arrive by the second half of the week.

Another seasonal model has updated and continues to show a colder-than-normal winter across our region. This uses the ocean temperatures to construct a set of analogs to produce a forecast. It hasn’t changed at all from its earlier runs and is similar to other seasonal models:


Have a terrific Tuesday and take care.

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Pleasant fall weather continues

Good Monday to one and all. We have a gorgeous stretch of weather kicking off across our part of the world. After the gloomy stuff of the past few weeks, this is long overdue. Even in the good times, I’m always looking for our next system. That comes later in the week.

Between now and Friday, temps will be on the mild side, with daily highs in the 70s. Overnight lows will drop into the low and middle 50s. Skies will stay dry, so get out and enjoy some of the early fall colors.

A cold front moves in Friday and will bring our next threat of rain. Showers will increase during the day:


Highs will come way down during this time:

Euro 2

Winds will be rather gusty as better weather returns late Saturday and Sunday.

The overall pattern is likely to throw a significant cold shot our way by later next week. The GFS continues to pick up on this:


The Canadian CIPS model is out with a new forecast for the winter ahead. It comes out around the first of each month, and I’ve been posting what it has shown since August. Here’s the latest month-by-month forecast of the upper levels:


Canadian 2Canadian 3Canadian 4

Have a great Monday and take care.

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Better weather in the week ahead

Good Sunday, everyone. We’re slowly pulling out of the nasty weather pattern we’ve been in for the past few weeks. Now, it’s time to focus on some of the good stuff, and that’s exactly what’s blowing in for the week ahead.

The better weather starts Sunday as skies slowly clear up. A leftover shower or two will be possible early, but afternoon sun should boost highs into the upper 60s to low 70s. Winds will remain a bit gusty.

Monday’s forecast looks awesome, with sunshine and highs hitting the 70s:


Similar temps will be likely through Thursday as dry weather continues. Enjoy!

A cold front moves our way Friday with a band of showers and isolated thunderstorms. Some of the models have been developing another slow-moving low pressure along this system. If that’s the case, showers would linger into the weekend.

The GFS shows significant totals if that scenario plays out:


I suspect we should enjoy the week ahead because chilly weather is likely to come back at some point next week. All signs point to a notable dip in the jet stream at some point:


Have a great Sunday and take care.

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Another day of chilly rain

Good Saturday to one and all. The weather over the past few days has been about as ugly as it can get  around here. Wind, rain and chilly temps combined to make for some miserable conditions.

It looks like the weather we have out there today isn’t going to be much different. Another wave of heavy rain producing showers will work through here from east to west. Some areas could pick up anther one inch of rain, with locally higher amounts in the southeast. Recent runs of the NAM have really been hitting some of those areas hard:


This moisture is from a huge storm system across the east coast. No, this is not from Joaquin. That hurricane will stay well to the east of the coast and that’s certainly good news. Even without that storm, historic flooding is possible across South and North Carolina.

Back here in Kentucky, gusty winds and chilly temps will join our rain. Highs will only reach the low 50s with wind gusts to 30mph possible.

The forecast hasn’t changed much for Wildcats and Colonels fans:

Special 2

If there is any good news in that, it’s the rain chances may decrease some as we go through the game. Still… It’s going to be a blustery game.

Better weather blows in for Sunday as partly sunny skies return. Temps should warm into the upper 60s and low 70s for highs. Winds will still be rather gusty and I can’t rule out a stray shower.

Nice weather looks to be with us for the first half of next week with low 70s for highs. The next cold front to impact our region sweeps in by the end of the week.

I leave you with your Saturday weather tracking toys:



Hamburg Area from WKYT Studio

I-75 MP 127
I75 NB @ MP 127

US 60 @ US 460
US60 @ US460

Have a great day and take care.

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Chilly showers kick off the weekend

Good Friday, everyone. Rounds of showers continue to push our way from the east and southeast. This action carries us into the weekend and is being accompanied by some overall nasty conditions.

Friday is the opening day of the Keeneland fall meet. It’s not going to rain all the time, but chilly showers will be around:

SpecialThere might be wind gusts of 30 mph across the region through Friday night as the showers keep going.

A big East Coast storm system continues to crank and will throw additional showers here on Saturday. Just like Friday, I don’t anticipate it raining the entire day, but showers will definitely be around. Highs will be in the 50s on a gusty northeasterly wind.

The Cats and the Colonels do battle Saturday evening at Commonwealth Stadium, and it doesn’t look like the best of conditions. The most likely chance of rain comes during tailgating, with a chance for a few showers during the game:

Special 2The weather for Sunday is looking a little better, with some breaks in the clouds and just a chance of scattered showers. Temps will continue to run much cooler than normal.

What happens with Hurricane Joaquin? The trend over the past few days has been for this storm to stay away from the East Coast. We still have some time to watch that. Here’s the forecast from the National Hurricane Center:

Here in Kentucky, we are left with some chilly showers to track:



Make it a great day and take care.


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A rainy start to October

Good Thursday and welcome to October. The new month is kicking off exactly the same way as September ended: wet. Rounds of rain will continue to come at us through the weekend as a huge storm gathers steam along the East Coast.

That system is likely to work back toward the west and could get a boost from Hurricane Joaquin.

Before we get to that point, let’s start with the weather Thursday. Periods of showers will be with us across much of Central and Eastern Kentucky. It’s not going to rain all day, but some locally heavy downpours will be possible. Highs will be in the upper 50s and low 60s with a gusty northerly wind.



Rains look to increase as we head into Friday as the action really begins to work in from the east. The opening day for the fall meet at Keeneland looks rather soggy, with highs struggling to get out of the 50s. Winds look to stay on the gusty side.

What happens from this point on depends on what happens along the East Coast. That’s where a big storm system tries to capture a powerful hurricane in the Bahamas. Joaquin is a major hurricane that slowly lifts northward in the coming days.

The NAM shows this storm heading toward the Carolinas:


The GFS says this storm works all the way into the northeast before making landfall:


Other models keep that storm out in the Atlantic.

Obviously, a storm hitting the Carolinas would have a bigger impact on our weather than one going into the northeast or out to sea. We will have to just wait and see how it plays out over the next few days.

In the short-term, windy, chilly and occasionally wet weather looks to continue into the weekend.

Have a great Thursday and take care.

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