A few storms join the hot temps

Good Wednesday, everyone. Steamy temps continue to rule the week across central and eastern Kentucky. The steam is about to be joined by a few showers and storms well ahead of a late week cold front. That appears to be a cold front in name only as the air behind it is only a little cooler.

After a record setting day on Tuesday, highs out there today are back into the  90s. Humidity levels increase and that can lead to a few afternoon and evening storms going up. This isn’t going to be widespread stuff, but I can’t rule out a strong storm or two.

Here are your mid-week tracking tools:

Thursday looks a whole lot like today with more steam and a few storms.

By Friday, a cold front is approaching the region from the northwest. This front will bring a broken line of showers and storms in here. Temps will once again be in the 90s.

Much of what happens after this front depends on the tropics. A system is crossing Florida and getting into the Gulf and could develop into a full blown depression or storm. That’s one of several systems being monitored in the Atlantic:

Once that gets into the Gulf, it has a chance to bring rain our way early next week. Watch how the models handle the weekend front then open the door to tropical moisture that follows:



That system in the Gulf is certainly something to keep a close eye on.

Another tropical system may approach the southeastern seaboard late next week or into next weekend. At the same time, a deepening trough may engulf our region.

Have a great Wednesday and take care.

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Summer sizzle in September

Good Tuesday to one and all. We are in a very toasty pattern across central and eastern Kentucky as summer temps invade the region. This steamy air will start to touch off a scattering of thunderstorms as we await the arrival of a late week cold front.

As always, we begin with the precious present. Temps today are in the upper 80s and low 90s for many with a mix of sun and clouds. With an increase in humidity levels, there is also a small risk for a shower or thunderstorm across the south. The best chance for that comes late this afternoon.

Here’s regional radar:

The threat for showers and storms will then increase on Wednesday as temps stay very steamy with a similar setup for Thursday.

The setup for later this week continues to feature a cold front dropping in from the northwest with some kind of tropical system off the southeast coast. That doesn’t mean this is going to become a full blown depression or named storm, but it has a chance as it crosses Florida and into the Gulf:

That front will produce showers and storms as it moves into the state. This tropical system is one of several being monitored by the National Hurricane Center:

If this system gets in the Gulf, there’s a good chance it brings rain into our region early next week. Here’s the GFS:

Some of the other models are showing a much more organized system:

There could very well be another tropical system following that up late next week. That one could make a run at the southeast. Looking at the overall pattern, the setup is primed to try and deliver a major trough into the eastern part of the country not too long after.

Have a terrific Tuesday and take care.

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Summer won’t go away

Good Monday to one and all. We are coming off an absolutely fantastic weekend that gave us a tough of fall weather. Well, don’t let it spoil you because summer is surging back in over the next few days.

Temps on our Monday will be back into the 80s with a touch more humidity joining the mix. Skies will be partly sunny, but there’s a slight chance for a shower or storm across the north.

Regional radar will show off whatever Mother Nature has left in the rain tank:

The sizzle really settles in on Tuesday with temps in the 90 degree range for many. There will be a small threat for a storm or two in the afternoon.

A better storm chance shows up by Wednesday as moisture streams in from the south. This is following a weakness in the atmosphere that appears to set up right over top of us. Obviously, we could use the rain, but this may also help us out in the temperature department.

The threat for a few storms will then be with us again on Thursday, with a greater threat by Friday. That’s when a potent cold front moves in from the west. This front may slow down over the region, but that largely depends on how strong a potential tropical system gets off the southeast coast:

The stronger that system, whether it’s classified or not, the better the chance that front puts the brakes on. If that’s the case, it would keep a few showers and storms going into the weekend.

The GFS shows our front slowing down:

The same model run then shows a much stronger cold front next week with a more impressive tropical system approaching the southeast again:

Have a great Monday and take care.

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Summer surges back in this week

Good Sunday, folks. It’s the time of year fall weather fans usually start getting excited, but summer is saying to cool your jets. We are rolling into a very toasty temperature week that’s going to make it feel more like July than September.

Let’s begin with today and roll ahead. A mix of sun and clouds will be noted as temps reach the upper 70s and low 80s. There’s a small chance for a shower or thunderstorm by the evening, especially across the west.

Here are your radars to track anything that comes our way:

Temps really begin to rebound on Monday with the real steam steaming in here for Tuesday and Wednesday. Moisture will also begin to return, bringing a few showers and storms. A better threat for a few storms will be with us by late next week or early in the weekend as a cold front arrives:



As far as the tropics are concerned, Dorian continues in the North Atlantic and is just about off the map:

Gabrielle isn’t of much concern, but the systesa trying to develop farther south in the Atlantic could be. I would expect more action to ramp up over the next week, perhaps even off the southeast coast again. Don’t be surprised if another tropical system has a direct impact on our weather before the season is over.

Have a great Sunday and take care.

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Nice temps for the weekend

Good Saturday to one and all. Our weekend is off and running with pleasant temps, but with a slow-starting day. The nice temps will hang around through Sunday, but toasty changes are on the menu for next week.

I mentioned today is a slow-starer of a day because of lingering clouds and an isolated shower chance. The best threat for that happening is across the eastern half of the state. Here are your radars in case a shower pops up near you:

Skies slowly clear this afternoon as highs stay in the 70s.

Sunday is another fairly nice weather day as clouds stream back in from the west. Once again, highs may not get out of the upper 70s for several areas.

The clouds are ahead of a scattered shower or thunderstorm trying to show up by Sunday night into Monday. This action is on the leading edge of of very toasty temps surging in here for the middle of the week. Check out the ridge developing:

Temps will be in the upper 80 to around 90 with humidity levels on the rise. This should lead to a few showers and storms going up, especially ahead of a late week front working in from the west:

Overall, I continue to maintain September is likely to average warmer than normal, so we have a bit to go before true fall can settle in.

Hurricane Dorian continues to quickly work toward the northeast in the western Atlantic, but is delivering one last shot to areas of New England:

Check out how far north Dorian is expected to get:

cone graphic

Nothing a hurricane making landfall in Nova Scotia! The official forecast keeps this as a Tropical Storm all the way to just south of Greenland… GREENLAND!

The tropics are really just getting started as we have a few more systems brewing in the Atlantic:

Have a happy Saturday and take care.

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Breaking down the weekend

Good Friday to one and all. We have some very pleasant temperatures in store for central and eastern Kentucky over the next several days. That’s good news for folks who will be spending a lot of time outdoors.

The bad news comes with a slight chance for a few showers out there this evening. Those showers may impact area high school football games, especially in central Kentucky. This action isn’t going to be terribly widespread.

Here are your radars to follow whatever is out there:

Temps continue to be the story of the day. Many areas start this Friday in the low 50s with mainly clear skies. Afternoon clouds increase as highs stay in the upper 70s to around 80.

Saturday looks like another really nice day as a few clouds linger. Highs only make it into the mid and upper 70s for many. If you’re heading out to Kroger Field to watch the Cats Saturday night, things look great with readings dropping into the 60s.

Another system drops toward us late Sunday into Monday. Clouds will stream in ahead of this and a shower or thunderstorm will also be possible.

Temps behind that shower threat will take off and turn toasty into the middle of the week. This will come with a few showers and storms that should increase late in the week as a potent front approaches from the west:

Another nice cool shot should follow that one up.

Hurricane Dorian continues to push across areas of North Carolina today. This storm has caused a lot of destruction along the southeast coastline:

As this storm finally pulls away from the Carolinas today, it will likely deliver a glancing blow to areas of the northeast:

cone graphic

With Dorian getting out of the way, we will start to talk about fall and winter in the coming days.

Have a great Friday and take care.

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A touch of fall in the air

Good Thursday to one and all. We have a few awesome weather days upon us as a touch of fall fills the air across the bluegrass state. This nice weather looks to continue into the weekend, but a few changes are trying to show up by Sunday or Monday.

As we continue to see great weather, folks across the southeast are dealing with Hurricane Dorian. I will have your hurricane tracking tools in a bit.

Let’s begin this post by talking about the good stuff we are getting in on. Highs today will generally be in the mid and upper 70s with low humidity and a partly sunny sky. This will set the stage for a cool night as lows drop deep into the 50s.

Pleasant temps hang around on Friday, but there’s a little change to the forecast. A weak front is dropping in from the northwest and will bring the chance for a few showers from late afternoon into Friday night:

Given this sneaky little front rolling through, Saturday continues to trend cooler as highs may not get out of the 70s again:

Another system could bring a shower or two in here by Sunday night and Monday, but temps begin to come up after this. It could get pretty toasty for a few days by the middle of next week, but the models seem to be in flux as to how to handle the second half of next week. That’s pretty typical in a transitional month like September.

Hurricane Dorian continues to parallel the coast from Georgia to North Carolina:

This storm has certainly increased in size over the past few days, but will it actually make landfall in the US? The best chance of that is across North Carolina. Here’s the latest from the National Hurricane Center:

cone graphic

Make it a great Thursday and take care.

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A touch of fall the next few days

Good Wednesday, everyone. We have a an early fall cold front dropping into the region, bringing a touch of the good stuff for the next few days. All this is happening as Hurricane Dorian continues to menace the southeastern seaboard.

Let’s roll with the weather around here before we get to Dorian. Highs out there today are in the middle 80s as southwesterly winds gust up ahead of our front. There isn’t much moisture with this boundary, so only a stray shower or thunderstorm will show up.

Here are your tracking tools in case one develops near you:

The air coming in behind this front looks awesome for Friday and Saturday. Temps will generally run in the 70s for highs as humidity levels bottom out. Lows by Friday morning will be close to 50 in a few spots, with an outside chance for some upper 40s to show up:

The weekend has a slight shower chance as we get another front to settle in from the north. We may be just on the southern edge of another cool shot:

A surge of very warm temps is likely to follow that up by the middle of next week, but there is some indication of a slow moving storm system bringing another round of cool with it later in the week:

Hurricane Dorian continues to turn northward toward the Carolinas and continues to be a heck of a storm:

Here is the update information from the National Hurricane Center:

cone graphic

Here are the latest Hurricane Model forecasts

The GFS Ensembles

As you can see, it looks like the Carolinas will get the worst Dorian has to offer the US.

Have a great Wednesday and take care.

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Labor Day forecast and tracking Dorian

Good Monday, everyone. Our Labor Day is off and running with a weak cold front dropping in from the northwest. This front is fairly weak, but we have a few more fronts on the way later this week and weekend.

Stealing the weather show continues to be Hurricane Dorian. This storm became one of the strongest hurricanes on record Sunday as it continues to churn through the Bahamas. I’ll get to Dorian in a bit.

Let’s start this partly with what’s going on out there today. As mentioned, a weak cold front is dropping in here from the northwest. This doesn’t have much juice to work with, but it can crank out a shower or thunderstorm.

Here are your Labor Day storm trackers:

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A few changes after Labor Day

Good Saturday and welcome to September. Our Labor Day Weekend rolls on with steamy temps and a few storms floating about the region. As we look beyond Labor Day, changes are showing up as a big trough pushes into the eastern half of the country.

That same trough may also impact the changing track of Hurricane Dorian.

Before we get to all that, let’s begin with what’s happening out there today. Highs are similar to where we have been for the past few days and a couple of thunderstorms may show up. Not everyone sees rain, but a few strong storm will be possible once again.

Here’s the Sunday edition of your storm trackers:

Our Labor Day Forecast looks to feature more of the same with a few thunderstorms crashing some cookouts.

From this point, our pattern will be dictated by what happens with Hurricane Dorian. This hurricane continues to be absolutely unbelievable to look at:

This may very well achieve Category 5 status at some point. Here’s the latest update and track forecast from the National Hurricane Center:

cone graphic

Here are the latest Hurricane Model forecasts:

The GFS Ensembles:

The models and track forecast for this hurricane have shifted dramatically over the past few days and may very well shift again as the system rips through the Bahamas. Everyone along the east coast from Florida to North Carolina need to be on guard for a potential impact from this storm.

If this storm goes all the way up the coast like some models are suggesting, we could get some healthy shots of cool behind this:

Again, the extent of those cool shots depend on how everything with Dorian plays out in the coming days.

Enjoy your Sunday and take care.

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