Rounds of storms kick in

Good Wednesday to one and all. We have rounds of showers and storms ready to rumble across the state for the next few days. Some of the storms could be on the strong side ahead of a potent cold front sweeping in by Friday.

The first round of storms will move through today into the evening. Locally heavy rains will be possible with any storm that goes up. We also have a low-end risk for strong to severe storms.

Here are your tracking tools for the day:

Current watches
Current Watches

Possible Watch Areas

Current MDs

Temps will generally be in the 60s as gusty southwest winds kick in.

A powerful storm will be rolling through the plains on Thursday, dragging a cold front in here on Friday. Temps hit the 70s for Thursday and Friday, but showers and storms will become more of an issue. We’ve been setting the stage for the possibility of severe storms and we are seeing that threat in the west on Thursday:

That risk area should get pushed east Thursday night and early Friday.

Heavy rainfall is likely during this time and the models certainly back that up, though the totals do differ on each run:




We will get a chilly break with the weekend weather, but that may only carry over into the first day or so of next week. Milder air means more rounds of storms on the way through the next few weeks. The GFS rainfall totals continue to put out region in the bullseye during this time:

Don’t pay much attention to the totals, but this is more about the consistent placement of the stormiest weather and heaviest rain.

Have a great day and take care.

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Spring temps and storms ahead

Good Tuesday, folks. We have another wet weather maker skirting across the state today, with more storms on the way. The rest of the week continues to take on a very stormy and mild look go it.

A few showers are around to start the day, especially in the south. This action pulls away this afternoon with a few rays of sun possible with temps in the 50s.

Here are your radars for the day:

Temps take off from Wednesday through Friday as we wait on a strong cold front to sweep across the state. Highs are deep into the 60s on Wednesday with some 70s for Thursday and Friday. Winds will be very gusty during this time.

A few showers and storms move in for Wednesday and Thursday, with the possibility of strong storms from late Thursday into Friday. That’s ahead of the front arriving on the scene late in the day Friday.  Colder, but drier weather moves in for the weekend.

Unfortunately, more showers and storms return with mild air early next week. The models continue to spit out a lot of rain over the next week to 10 days:




Enjoy your Tuesday and take care.

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Spring temps and storms this week

Good Monday, everyone. Our new week is off and running with milder air pushing back into the region. This air will grow pretty darn mild later this week as the threat for showers and thunderstorms increase once again.

Temps out there today make a run into the 50s with just the slightest chance for a shower or storm going up.

Here are your radars for the day:

A shower or storm chance is back with us on Tuesday with temps heading toward the low 60s.

An increase in showers and storms will be noted for Wednesday, but it’s still not all day type stuff. This will be followed by a powerful midwest storm system that will bring the potential for some big thunderstorms in here for Thursday and early Friday.

Heavy rainfall will be possible during all this, with many areas picking up 1″-3″ of rain through Friday:

As far as temps go, it’s going to feel pretty darn nice for much of the week. Highs reach the 70s for a few days. Watch the climb ahead of the front:




Another brief shot of chilly follows that up by the weekend, but the numbers look to quickly increase early the following week. That will be accompanied by more in the way of showers an storms.

Make it a good one and take care.

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Another active week ahead

Good Sunday, folks. We have a very busy week ahead taking shape, especially for the middle and end of the week. That’s when more rounds of showers and thunderstorms crash back in.

Let’s begin with our Sunday. Skies slowly clean up with a mostly cloudy sky taking control. Temps are still a little cool, but we should make a run at 50 degrees.

Mainly dry weather continues for Monday and Tuesday as temps head toward 60. Enjoy the dry time, because it changes in a hurry by Wednesday.

That’s when the next round of rain and thunderstorm action looks to blow back into the bluegrass state:

Strong storms and local high water issues will be possible.

A major plains storm system then evolved behind this by the end of the week. Warm and unstable air floods in here and we could see temps hit the 70s. As that system moves into the Great Lakes, we may find ourselves dealing with more strong to severe storms:

This continues to be the overall wetter than normal trend we’ve been talking about for a while. The GFS Ensembles two week rainfall anomalies show this well:

Buckle up for a wild spring, folks.

Have a sensational Sunday and take care.

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A soggy Saturday settles in

Good Saturday, everyone. We are dealing with another rain maker working across the state today. This may drop a swath of heavy rain and it may also be cold enough for a few snowflakes to mix in across northern Kentucky.

Let’s begin with today’s system that rolls from west to east. This is a cold rain maker, but it may have enough cold air to produce a few flakes across the north.

Rainfall totals of 1″ or more will fall across much of the state and raises the concern for high water issues again. The flooding last night and this morning was way under warned across southeastern Kentucky, so some of these areas can’t hold much more.

The Euro shows the heaviest across the southern half of the state:

The NAM is a little farther north with this:

Regardless, areas getting in on a quick inch of rain tomorrow may be dealing with a few high water issues.

Sunday looks like a much better day with temps hitting the 50s. Next week is a warm one with rounds of showers and thunderstorms kicking back in. This could mean severe storms return, bringing a lot more rain.

The Euro rainfall forecast through next weekend:

The Canadian for the same time:

I leave you with your Saturday tracking tools:

Current watches
Current Watches

Have a great day and take care.

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More rain rolls in for Saturday

Good Friday, folks. We continue to track our severe weather maker out of Kentucky as better conditions take control today. Don’t get too used to it because another rain maker is moving in for Saturday.

Early morning showers and storms move away from the southeast today, with mostly cloudy skies taking over. Temps will be in the 50s.

Saturday looks ugly with rain rolling in from west to east. Temps are very chilly and it may be just cold enough for some mixed rain and snow in the north.

That shows up on the models:



That’s another nice rain maker for our region. Ugh.

Sunday looks pretty nice with highs back into the 50-55 degree range with skies becoming partly sunny.

Once into early next week, temps really begin to take off on a strong southwest flow. A couple of scattered showers and storms will be possible. That action increases later in the week as a big plains storm system develops. Ahead of this, temps may surge deep into the 70s around here.

The overall pattern continues to be skewed wetter than normal for the next few weeks:

Have a great Friday and take care.

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Severe storms possible today

Good Thursday, everyone. We continue to track a potent system toward the region, bringing the potential for severe storms late this afternoon into the evening. Things could get a little bumpy for much of the region.

The potential is there for this to turn into a significant severe weather event with strong tornadoes possible across the western half of the state, especially.

The latest from the Storm Prediction Center shows the increasing potential for the entire state…

The threat is there for significant tornadoes and the Storm Prediction Center is highlighting this potential:

If you’ve been watching me on WKYT, I’ve been talking about how I didn’t like the setup, especially with a warm front setting up over the region. Storms that hit this warm front and move along it will have the opportunity to produce tornadoes. That’s not unlike what happened in eastern Kentucky back on March 2nd, 2012. I’m not saying this will be on par with that or even close, but the warm front setup has some similarities across the west.

In addition to the tornado threat, bowing thunderstorms will bring the potential for damaging winds. Large hail will also be possible, especially across the west.

Storms will also put down a tremendous amount of rain in a short period of time. That can lead to local flash flooding issues.

I will try to update things later today and will have the latest breaking weather information on WKYT-TV as needed.

I leave you with all your storm tracking tools:

Current watches
Current Watches

Possible Watch Areas

Current MDs

Have a great day and take care.

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Strong storms possible Thursday

Good Wednesday, everyone. It’s another fairly mild day with a shower or thunderstorm risk showing up. The main threat comes Thursday as a potent cold front moves into the picture. That may lead to some strong storms during the afternoon and evening.

Let’s begin with today and roll ahead. Temps range from the upper 50s to low 60s with a mostly cloudy sky. There’s still the risk for a stray shower or storm going up:

Wednesday looks like a mix of clouds and sun with temps ranging from the upper 50s to upper 60s, depending on where you are. There’s still a small storm risk.

Thursday continues to look like a fairly active weather day with the potential for strong to severe storms going up ahead of a cold front. Temps may spike to 70 on gusty southwest winds. Once the front arrives late in the day, rounds of big boomers will be possible.

The Storm Prediction Center has much of the state in the low-end severe risk:

The next system then rolls in here for Saturday with rain and some thunder. That’s followed up by several systems next week. Folks, this is a pattern that can bring too much rain and rounds of strong storms to Kentucky and many areas:

The GFS Ensembles show rainfall WAY above normal in the next 2 weeks:

This could get a little ugly.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and take care.

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A busy spring pattern

Good Tuesday to one and all. It’s back to soggy we go with showers and a few thunderstorms working across the Commonwealth. This continues to be the early stages of a busy spring pattern for our part of the world.

As always, we start with the now then focus on the tomorrow.

Showers and some rumbles of thunder are showing up today. This is your ordinary garden variety type stuff, so there are no severe weather concerns. Here are your radars to find whatever is out there:

Skies will begin to dry this afternoon as gusty winds remain. Wednesday will find a scattered shower or thunderstorm lingering.

The next system moving in for Thursday has more of potent look to it and may kick off a few strong storms in the process:

Before the storms arrive, a strong southwesterly wind may boost temps toward 70:

After a little break in the action Friday, another rain and thunder maker moves in for Saturday as things trend chillier for the weekend.

This active pattern remains through next week as we go mild again. The Euro Ensembles continue to show much above normal over the next few weeks:

As I’ve mentioned many times, this is a very stormy setup and severe weather can make an appearance from time to time.

Have a great Tuesday and take care.

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Showers and storms on the move

Good Monday, folks. It’s another mild day across central and eastern Kentucky, but showers and thunderstorms are moving in from the west. This kicks off a very active setup for the next few weeks, at least.

Temps today are back into the 60s as clouds increase. A few showers and storms show up later this evening, with the majority of the action in town overnight and Tuesday. Here are your radars to track the action:

From here, we are in a pattern that looks to deliver showers and storms every couple of days. No, this does not mean we are going to have rain on every single day, but there will be no shortage of systems to track. Rainfall numbers for the next week and change may be up there:

The European Ensembles for the next 2 weeks show just how much real estate looks stormier than normal and wetter than normal:

That’s the look of a very active spring storm pattern!

Make it a great Monday and take care.

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