Rain and wind on the way

Good Thursday to one and all. Our incredibly cold November pattern is about to take a break for a few days, as a wet and windy setup replaces it. As a matter of fact, the wind this weekend may cause some issues and you may hear rumbles of thunder. Nothing like going from one extreme to the other, eh?

Before we turn up the wind and rain, the precipitation moving in today may actually start as a light wintry mix. A touch of sleet and freezing rain is possible before light rain takes over. Here are your Thursday radar trackers:

Rain and a few thunderstorms are likely from Friday through Saturday as low pressure wraps up across the Mississippi Valley and heads toward the Great Lakes. Heavy rainfall and high winds of 40-50mph are possible during this time…

A few strong storms are possible, especially across the west.

Colder air seeps in behind this system by Monday as the next system tries to develop. We are seeing a split in the modelling on how to handle any potential storm system early next week. The GFS goes back and forth with the track of any potential storm. The current run as it on top of us with likely a rain to snow setup:

The Canadian pushes this storm farther south and east and is much weaker. It basically crushes the storm with arctic air flooding in from the northwest:

We shall see how this works out, but it appears to be a rain to snow situation in my eyes.

Very cold air moves in behind that as we watch for a much bigger storm system to take a southern track toward the end of next week:

Have a great day and take care.

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Big changes bring heavy rain and wind by the weekend

Good Wednesday, folks. The past few days have been about as wintry as you can get around here and we have one more day of it before changes settle in. Those changes will bring a lot of heavy rain and high winds our way for the upcoming weekend.

Let’s begin with today and roll ahead. Snow showers and flurries will be noted to start the day, with a few slick spots likely. Track them out of town:

Wind chill numbers are in the single digits with actual temps in the upper teens. Afternoon temps will warm back into the low and middle 30s, but gusty winds make it feel even colder.

The focus after this then shifts to a very windy and very wet setup from late this week through early next week. Three systems roll through here:

System 1 arrives Thursday with light rain that may begin as some sleet. This brings rain across the region Thursday night and Friday.

System 2 is a very strong storm wrapping up and working across the Ohio Valley Friday night into Saturday. This will bring very heavy rainfall and high winds that can gust to 50mph. A few strong storms will also be possible.

System 3 arrives Monday into Tuesday with more rain and gusty winds. Much colder air crashes in behind it with some snow showers possible.

Watch all three systems on the new version of the GFS:

Much colder air then surges in behind that for next week as Old Man Winter returns.

Have a great day and take care.

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A day straight out of January

Good Tuesday, everyone. It’s an absolutely frigid day across the Commonwealth and it’s one you would associate more with January than November. This cold pattern then eases later this week as a lot of rain and wind heads back into town.

Any snow showers and flurries today will be more prominent across the east. Coatings of snow means black ice will be a big issue to start the day. Additional travel issues may develop in any heavier snow shower later on:

Highs today stay in the upper 20s with a wind chill in the teens. Ouch!

The next system moves in on Thursday as the cold air starts to pull out of town. The leading edge of light rain may very well be in the form of sleet for a few hours.

From there, rounds of heavy rain and high winds target our region from Friday through the weekend:

Rainfall numbers of 1″-2″ are likely during this time. Winds will also be a major player and may cause issues. Those gusts may reach 40-50mph once again:

After that system rolls through, we start to make the transition into a very wintry look for next week. Arctic cold dives into our region and may bring an increase in snow chances:

This is a heck of a pattern we are in for so early in the winter season. Lots of action with frequent shots of arctic air will make for an interesting winter.

Make it a great Tuesday and take care.

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Winter rolls back in today

Good Monday, everyone. We have a blast of winter weather blowing across the state today and it’s bringing cold temps and frequent snow showers. This kicks off a very cold week for our region and for much of the eastern half of the country.

Old Man Winter isn’t wasting any time getting things started this year. We’ve already had 8 days with winter precipitation falling across the state and that number hits double digits the next few days.

Winds are going to absolutely crank with light snow developing behind the front early today. From there, a strong northwesterly wind will cause widespread snow showers and a few squalls to develop across central and eastern Kentucky this afternoon through the evening. Those snow showers will still be noted into early Tuesday across the east:

You can also see that streak of light snow diving in from the northwest. I still think that can hold together for a renewed flakes threat later Tuesday into Tuesday night.

Light snow accumulations are now a pretty good bet through Monday night. The numbers are cumulative and not indicative of snow depth at any one time, but you can see how the models are getting a little more robust on some sticking snow:


Hi Res NAM

Canadian (RGEM)

Temps drop all day long on Monday with gusty winds making it feel like the low and middle 20s. Wind chill numbers drop deep into the teens by Tuesday morning and may stay near 20 Tuesday. That’s when actual temps struggle to get out of the upper 20s for highs.

The setup for late week into the weekend is for a couple of systems to roll our way. Those continue to trend farther east and colder. Watch how those unleash another potentially big winter pattern:

This is a super cold look that ensues:

Let’s get back to today’s winter weather. I have you all set to track the action:

Hamburg Area from WKYT Studio

I-75 @ Newtown Pike

I-75 MP 127

I-64 at KY-801
Near Morehead

I-64 MP 97
I-64 WB @ MP 97

Mountain Parkway @ MP 36
Near Pine Ridge


No image available.


No image available.

No image available.


No image available.

No image available.

No image available.


No image available.

Have a great Monday and take care.

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From 60s to snowflakes

Good Sunday, everyone. We have some big weather changes blowing in over the next 24 hours. A mild Sunday will turn into a wintry Monday as temps drop more than 30 degrees. That will kick off another very cold period.

Temps today warm into the low 60s on a strong southwesterly wind. That wind is ahead of a winter storm passing by just to our northwest. That’s bringing more than a foot of snow to areas near Chicago. This will drag a cold front across the state  Showers and a rumble of thunder are possible ahead of this front, with a period of light snow and flurries behind it. Wraparound snow showers and flurries may then kick in through Monday night:

Hi Res NAM


Light accumulations will be possible during this time. The NAM Fam is picking up on the potential:

Hi Res NAM


That’s some very cold air slamming in behind this front. The Hi Res NAM shows the stout temp drop:

Gusty winds will make for a frigid feeling Monday. Check out those wind chills:

That cold is locked in through the rest of the week and could bring a few more flakes into the region late Tuesday and Wednesday. That’s when an upper level disturbance dives in on our northwesterly wind flow.

As the core of the cold starts to lift out later in the week, another system tries to bring rain, snow or a mix our way:

A bigger storm system develops and rolls our way next weekend. While this is likely to take a path to our west, that’s not set in stone. Once that rolls through, a very cold pattern follows.

With this cold pattern through early December, the GFS Ensembles are pretty enthusiastic about snowfall chances over the next two weeks:

Make it  a great Sunday and take care.

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Another cold spell ahead

Good Saturday, everyone. Our Day is starting out on a very soggy note, but some better times are on the way late today into early Sunday. Unfortunately, that’s not going to last long as another system sweeps in here tomorrow night. That will unleash another cold spell for our region.

Let’s begin with today and roll ahead. Gusty rains are common through the middle of the day, but a drier wind will blow this afternoon. Here are your radars to do some Saturday rain tracking:

The next system is still slated to arrive later Sunday and Sunday night. Temps hit the 60s ahead of this system  on a gusty southwesterly wind. Gusty showers roll through here Sunday evening with a rapid temp crash to follow. That means a period of light snow and flurries late Sunday night into Monday morning. A cold northwesterly wind means a few flakes may fly through Monday evening.

Temps behind this are COLD. Highs stay in the 30s for much of next week, but gusty winds make it feel even colder.

The models are all over the place with how to handle all the cold air and storm systems working across the country. The late Tuesday-Wednesday weak system has the look of a upper level system dropping in from the northwest. Watch how the Euro brings light snow in here:

Another northwesterly flow system tries to show up later in the week:

That should be followed by a bigger storm system at some point next weekend.

The pattern as we head into early December continues to look very cold for much of the country, especially in the eastern half:

Have a great day and take care.

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Rain on the way with snow chances to follow

Good Friday, folks. Our busy shopping day is off and running with a change in the weather blowing into the bluegrass state.  Gusty winds will stir up some rain before the evening is over with another system set to follow this up late Sunday. That one brings winter weather back into the region.

Rain arrives on a gusty wind late Friday into Friday night. Locally heavy downpours will carry us into the first half of Saturday. As that system exits, the next storm quickly replaces it by Sunday night and Monday. This one will have a BIG temp crash from the 60s Sunday afternoon, to the upper 20s by Monday morning.

Rain will switch to a band of snow as the front moves through Sunday night with some backlash snows later Monday into Monday night. Here’s the European from Sunday evening through Monday evening:

That run tries put down some light accumulations in a few areas:

Look at that snowstorm in the Midwest… Holy moly!

Very cold air comes in behind that with highs way down in the low and middle 30s for much of next week. Lows can reach the upper teens and lower 20s. Wind chills can go even lower:

Another light snow maker tries to zip across the region Tuesday night into Wednesday:



This active pattern is likely to throw another storm system our way later next week. The track and specifics are yet to be determined, but the signal is there. Here’s the current Euro:

Have a great Friday and take care.

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Another busy setup follows Thanksgiving

Good Thursday and Happy Thanksgiving. Mother Nature is giving us some very nice weather on this big holiday. Unfortunately, the rest of the holiday weekend isn’t looking as good. We have two systems set to roll across Kentucky, with the second ready to bring a touch of winter back into the bluegrass.

The rain that rolls in later Friday into early Saturday is likely to bring some pretty good rains to the state, especially in central and eastern Kentucky. The NAM has some 1″-2″ rains showing up…

That would be enough rain to push several cities into the wettest year on record. Lexington just needs a little more than 1″ of rain to take the top spot.

Winds are also very gusty Friday into Saturday.

The next system moves in quickly behind this one and arrives by Sunday evening. Winds are going to crank with this storm system and should reach 40mph+ at times:

A wall of rain rolls quickly eastward across the state as temps crash quickly. Rain will change to a period of light snow Sunday night and early Monday with wraparound snow showers or flurries behind it.

The models are in their typical “all over the place” mode for later next week. There is just too much energy in a loaded pattern for much consistency from the operational models. Still, they’re trying to figure it all out:

I continue to watch the European Ensembles showing a VERY cold setup as we get into early December. The Polar Vortex is on our side of the pole the coldest temps anomalies in the northern hemisphere are aimed right at us:

That could be some serious cold if it works out.

Snow chances should also be noted and the GFS Ensembles are picking up this pretty well over the next 2 weeks:

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and take care.

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A nice start to the Thanksgiving travel period

Good Wednesday, folks. It’s the absolute busiest travel day of the entire year and the weather is actually cooperating for a change. Very nice weather is being noted across the bluegrass state and this rolls into Thanksgiving. From there, the pattern gets back to being busy and takes a wintry turn.

Our travel day starts with temps in the 20s and ends with highs in the 40s. Skies will be partly sunny.

Thanksgiving day has a similar look and feel to it, but we may see a little more cloud cover in the afternoon. Still, we really can’t ask for better weather for these two big time travel days.

Black Friday starts off in good shape, but rain sweeps in late in the day into Friday night. That system lingers into Saturday”

The system behind that is likely a big wind maker from Sunday through Tuesday. Rain is likely along and ahead of this system, with a switch to a mix of rain and snow then a few snow showers:

I’m still watching the setup behind that for the end of next week. That’s a setup that has been throwing a winter storm signal out from time to time. The late day GFS picked up on that possibility:

The pattern closing November and beginning December has a cold and wintry look to it. The European Ensembles show a major block across the Arctic and that forces a split in the polar vortex. One piece of that goes to the other side of the globe, with another piece heading into Canada:

That could lead to a direct discharge of arctic air into the eastern half of the country for early December:

Have a safe travel day and take care.

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A few flakes before nice travel weather

Good Tuesday to one and all. It’s a much colder day across our region and it may even spit out a snowflake or two. From here, the weather looks fantastic for holiday travelers Wednesday into Thanksgiving Day. After we get through all that, the pattern gets active and turns wintry.

Let’s begin with today and a northwesterly wind. That wind will keep temps in the upper 30s to around 40 for high and should spit out a rain or snow shower. Here are your radars to track the action:

The weather behind that looks really good for Wednesday into Thanksgiving. Seasonally chilly temps will be noted, but your sky is dry.

Rain moves in late Black Friday and takes us into the first part of Saturday. Locally heavy downpours will be possible.

Another storm system quickly moves in late Sunday into Monday. This has the chance to bring rain and/or snow into our region:

The setup next week into early December features a lot of blocking over the top and could mean a lot of cold and winter storm potential. This pattern has a lot of potential:

The GFS Ensembles have a fairly snowy look through next week:

Make it a terrific Tuesday and take care.

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